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They seriously ran away

They did run away, and it was actually planned two years ago!

Some people might be still waiting for them to do something. However, the world has changed: the unemployment rate is too high!

75% for the world and 80% for China, 90% of the USA and Europe. Talking about rela jobs, think about it : This means that if these people have never killed anyone in their lifetime, they would never get a penny in anyway. So if we have to kill that many, people would rather do a violent revolution!

So it means the violent revolution is on touch and go, that's why they killed a bunch and ran away, to avoid this impossible to deal with situation for them!

They realized they cannot do free money neither, so they just gave up, otherwise they would be decorating their own version of free money already!!!They really gave up!!! Only good people can do free money!!!

So they are actually waiting for the free money people to take over, and they are happy to be pardoned. There are no real ones in the capitals anymore because they are under too much pressure.

They are like layer 20 stunt doubles, and all the layers above them have given up, and the more people realize the situation, the more the stunt doubles would back off, they are just wishing to steal a few dollars more, but the new crime old crime rule is stopping them. They are really waiting for us to take over the government.

The resisting method works, they would be weak politically immediately. Then everyone should stay in order, do not result in chaos, use the law to solve the problem is the best way to go! Court->Police eviction->News->Election->Elected->Build free money. This plan is doable and not too hard to success. It is mainly about convincing people, and all departments can do a joint action, so there would be way less pressure for them!!!When they need support, everybody just yell about eviction and such, so the police can feel they have have political support!

However, the plan that if we did something successful like taking the government, they would try to kill us is also true. they would try to assassinate us and use our legacy to build a new world to leach on. There are snipers everywhere near the capital government places. Although they support free money too, but they are just decoys. The real snipers would be sent by them who come from nowhere at that time, not the locals.

But this is obviously a stupid idea, because free money is communism, and communism is about to become a reality all over the world. Even the final stage of capitalism: imperialism is failing, and the world is actually in socialist systems.So it would be extremely unwise to go against communism, and they wouldn't try it lightly.

Politically speaking, communism is at its peak now and in the future, it would be really strong really soon.

As long as we insist on the direction of communism and hold communism flag high, our politics would be stronger than anything and nobody would dare to stop us!

They are well aware of these facts. They are just using a few fools to fool other fools already. But since everyone is understanding the situation more and more, free money is just around the corner! The free money goal can be achieved legally, stay at home, and even if you are elected in the future, you will have the political power to call in the military or police force to clear the government offices and the surrounding areas to ensure that everything is safe, then bring security personnel to escorts you to the government.

Liu Pengjia


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