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How to resisting the beating in the head


We should tell all the countries trying to do free money, in order to deal with the stuff in the head, we need to all do the something, according to our experience, the first thing is : Resisting!
By which we all resist the bad leader first, like "Resist him!", including the ppl in him, like we do not want to be him, or them obey orders, then they would be weak really soon, and small.
That's the first step!!!
Then you deal with their tricks like taking down one by one, wrong wiring, bad telling....
In real life we would all be unified to resist killing, and hurting each other, keep informing each other of the newest good stuff and danger, and if the bank is not afraid of the beating in the head,
they would give us the money directly too!!!
Tell me if anything is missing!

Liu Pengjia

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