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The Free Money Future 20231121

The Free Money Future 20231121

Democracy Machine is a natural language understanding voting machine that can be used at any time. All major IT companies in the world have made prototypes of it. ) cannot but be used. Because of the exposure capabilities of modern media and the Internet, it is difficult for super political STs to survive. It is only reasonable to use democratic machines to control the highest power. With the democratic machine, bad guys can be easily voted out! The democratic machine has the highest power of the country! But it only has the power to recommend, but not the power to directly execute and judge. There are several reasons for this: 1) To avoid being caused by the mob Chaotic voting caused by psychology is not a trivial matter. Only long-term, consistent voting, and a large number of repeated votes can directly affect the execution of government power. Under such a process, people will become rational and be persuaded not to resist the rebellion, or they will continue to vote because of real needs. 2) The machine itself will inevitably have errors, such as artificial intelligence, so people need to constantly and repeatedly supervise it. In order to avoid the danger caused by the machine having the power to act autonomously, the machine is not allowed to influence or judge human affairs at will.

In addition, because of the primitiveness and inefficiency of political science, politicians can only be in the third level of government power in the future (the second level is experts, scholars and scientists, who use scientific proof and published articles to exercise power. If all People agree that their academic proof is correct, and their judgments have legal effect, such as appointing and removing officials.), and can never hold the highest power again. This is a very civilized, reasonable and efficient way to organize power! Politicians mainly perform political services, and it is generally not necessary to lead too many people at the same time to carry out big actions, especially after the establishment of a democratic machine!
As for the efficiency of state-owned enterprises, because only 1% of people will have jobs, coupled with the supervision of democratic machines (the democratic machines also include information disclosure and electronic public services), the competition for jobs is fierce, which can ensure the safety of workers. level and efficiency. And if you observe carefully, you will find that large companies have strong R&D capabilities, large production scales, and advanced equipment. The products they produce are cheap and high-quality and are far more competitive than private companies now. Also, because there are very few workers and the quality of the machines mainly determines the production efficiency, there are no longer too many problems of irresponsibility and inefficiency.
The democratic machines now designed are basically perfect. For example, the voting algorithm is open to the public. Voting is synonymous with one day - only one vote counts. Then only those who exceed a certain percentage of the total population vote repeatedly. For example, in this way, the above number can be reached. It is best for a hundred days of voting to be uninterrupted, and then it will be very influential. During this period, everyone will rationally think and debate whether the vote is right or not, so as to avoid irrational voting and messing up the country.
There is also a vote checking mechanism that can perfectly prevent someone from cheating on the democratic machine. The existence process of the vote checking server is as follows: after a new voting result is generated, voters go to the democratic machine server to check the original copy of their vote, and then Check to see if it is what you said, or whether you said it or not, and then choose one or more ticket checking servers (anyone in the private sector can independently set up, program, manage, and promote themselves), and check your own The voting results are reported to the voting server, and then the voting server attempts to prove whether there is fraud in the voting results of the democratic machine based on its own or joint statistical results with other servers. Because any government or anyone's opponents can set up a vote checking server at any time and make the results of the vote checking statistics public, it is basically extremely difficult to cheat on the vote, so everyone can rest assured about the reliability of the democratic machine !

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